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Rescue Dog In Turkey Saves Cat From Rubble After Izmir Earthquake

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A rescue dog in Izmir saved a cat from under the rubble after a massive earthquake threw the port city in disorder. On Friday, a horrifying earthquake swept jolted parts of Greece and Turkey leaving dozens dead and several hundred wounded. The earthquake struck 14km (nine miles) off the Greek town of Karlovasi on Samos island at 13:51 local time (11:51 GMT) and it was felt as far away as Athens and Istanbul. Most of the damage occurred in Izmir, off Turkey's Aegean coast - where the tremor sent many people running out into the streets in fear and panic. The earthquake in Izmir also prompted flooding in the town as the sea level rose shortly after the earthquake. Rescue teams in Izmir are still hunting through the rubble of collapsed buildings for survivors. Amid their search, a particularly strange rescue has left the world stunned.

On Saturday, 30 hours after the earthquake had wrecked through Turkey, a rescue dog saved a pet cat that was stuck under the rubble of a collapsed building. The dog from Turkey’s Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) was scanning through a two-story collapsed building in Izmir’s major port area. And there it noticed faint meows coming from under the rubble. The K-9 search team that was operating with the dog interpreted its signs and it removed the cat from the debris of the collapsed building. The cat, after being rescued was safely handed back to its owner.

The cat was provided with immediate medical care before being handed over to its owner. But it was established that it hadn’t suffered any injuries and it had indeed by safely recovered by the rescue dog.

Source: Anadolu Agency