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'Resident Evil' Movie Stunt Double Tragically Injured

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Stunt doubles already have to be brave enough as it is to be willing to preform some of the stunts that they do. Though, imagine being a stunt double on a movie where they seem to consider financial burden more important than safety and then you end up with your arm having to be amputated.

Professional stunt double, Olivia Jackson, is suing Bolt Pictures for failure to pay out her medical expenses and for negligence. On the day in question, she was supposed to be filming a fight scene for the new 'Resident Evil' movie 'The Final Chapter' when the producers switched up the filming schedule and instead set her up to film a complicated motorcycle ride, and on a day with not so great weather for a motorcycle stunt. The stunt resulted in a crash that led to her arm having to be amputated, and then the studio mislead her in terms of how much they we're actually going to pay for her medical bills.

All I can say is I hope Olivia gets some justice because it sounds like she's been through hell!

Courtesy of Sony Pictures ( source: )

Courtesy of Sony Pictures