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Reuse Your Refuse: Seed Starters

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Seed starting trays aren't actually all that expensive, but not everybody can just go out and buy one, especially now that shopping comes with certain restrictions. And really, who doesn't love a good recycling project? If you're interested in starting a garden, and I recommend you do, take a look at these ideas for  trash-to-treasure seed starters.

1. Egg Cartons

This a a famous one, and for good reason! Paper and cardboard cartons are excellent and usually biodegradable, but even styrofoam can be used in a pinch. The catch is that the seeds won't last long in the carton as their roots expand, even before you see any leaves. But this is one that's cheap and easy to find, and allows a lot of seeds to be planted at once! Plus, drainage holes are as easy as a few toothpick pokes.

2. Food Cups

Pudding, Jell-O, yogurt, applesauce... the little plastic cups aren't good for much except portioning your food, but they can find a second life as a seed starter! And unlike egg cartons or paper, these can be washed and used again next season, much like a seed tray! However, you can' put them in the ground, and they typically are harder to poke drainage holes through.

3. Fruit Containers

What I love about these is that the top can close, which means you can work some condensation magic and keep your soil optimally moist! They also come with built-in drainage holes, which is great to save on prep. However, buying pints and quarts of berries can be expensive at the outset, and some holes allow too much soil to fall through, making them a bit of a messier proposition.

Have another idea? The possibilities are endless, so drop them in the comments!

Photo: Pixabay