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Rihanna is Releasing a Book

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Rihanna's name is showing up in the news again after the announcement of a book release from the artist and entrepreneur appeared online. The book is a "visual autobiography" which includes over one thousand photos from Rihanna's life. The artist claims that the book is five years in the making, but the photos range from her childhood up through touring and into the present day.

In the announcement, Rihanna thanked other writers and all the photographers for contributing to the book and Phaidon, a premiere global publisher of creative arts pieces, who is publishing her "first piece of art in a new industry."

Phaidon's description of the book on their website reads "Rihanna invites you into her world with this stunning visual autobiography. From her Barbados childhood to her worldwide tours, from iconic fashion moments to private time with friends and family, the book showcases intimate photographs of her life as an artist, performer, designer, and entrepreneur. Many of these images have never before been published."

The 504 page book is available for $150 and will be shipped out on October 24, 2019, although it is available for preorder now. The Fenty x Phaidon edition is $175, ships October 10, and comes with a "This Sh*t Is Heavy" tabletop book stand. The Luxury Supreme runs at $5500, ships out on November 20, and features a different design and more lavish tabletop bookstand, and the Ultra Luxury Supreme is currently sold out, but presumable runs for more money considering the marble pedestal it ships with.

As Twitter-user @hairoline says, "Well I may never 'own a house' or 'be able to give my kids a good education' but at least I did spend $150 on the pre-order for Rihanna’s new coffee table book #Sound #Financial #Decision"

You can preorder the book at

The Rihanna Book cover ( source: Phaidon )

The Rihanna Book cover


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