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Riot Unbans "TheBausffs" After Clearing Accusations Of Intentional Feeding

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Riot Games has been sticking to their detection system quite firmly which is why for the past few days they swung between banning and unbanning the League of Legends star Simon ‘Thebausffs’ Hofverberg for intentional feeding.

In response to the initial ban, fans were not very pleased by the developers’ decision and called out riot games for unjustly restricting TheBausffs from playing the game. TheBausffs high-risk, high-reward style of play may either lead to him single-handedly lead the game or resort to intentional feeding. While many players fall unintentionally into feeding the enemy, several others turn to intentional feeding. However, many fans refuse to believe that TheBausffs was doing the latter.

Thebausffs went 4/10/3 and 4/15/0 in his last two recent games. Having 15 deaths is what caught Riot games’ attention which ultimately led them to ban him. Nevertheless, TheBausffs went on to destroy several of his team member’s champion enemies which is why fans called out Riot games for their drastic move. TheBausffs, in a Twitter post, shared publicly that,

“I just got banned for intentionally feeding.”

Riot games detector is also known to be quite unforgiving, which is why a lot of false narratives lead to incorrect bans. Some fans started to tweet about TheBausffs ban by stating,

“@RiotSupport ya dun goofed.”

While another fan tweeted, “enemies ghost and you get banned, where is the justice.” 

Following the fan backlash, just yesterday, TheBausffs tweeted again to let fans know that he has been unbanned. Riot games soon reversed the ban where design director of League of Legends cleared that,

“If you didn’t know – our automated atk and int detection systems do 90% of the work, but in some cases, they get false positives. Our player support team reviews and fixes cases where the algorithm makes a wrong call.”