R.I.P Tumblr: Social Media Protest Following Sweeping Pornography Ban

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On December 17th, the social media platform Tumblr enacted a sweeping ban of NSFW content which, in a bizarre but not unexpected turn, includes posts about transgenderism and almost all female nudity regardless of whether it is sexual in nature. Tumblr was long-held as a bastion of body-positivity and a safe-space for marginalized people such as the transgender community before it was merged with Verizon, and the policy changes have been widely regarded as oppressive, puritanical, and nonsensical.

The censoring algorithm is loaded with system bugs which have led to completely innocent posts being flagged as NSFW (not safe for work), and certain non-sexual nudity posts that Tumblr said would be protected being flagged regardless. In light of such sweepingly irresponsible and incompetent policy changes, it’s not a wonder that users are abandoning the site in droves, and well they should.

A social media platform has no business policing and censoring its users, demonizing the female form, or oppressing its marginalized communities. The site, notably, has done absolutely nothing to stem the influx of white supremacist and neo-Nazi pages that have poured in over the past two years. If the stance of a social platform is that hate speech is protected and human autonomy is not, that site deserves to drown.

Tumblr's porn filter blocked Tumblr's images illustrating what Tumblr's porn filter won't block

Tumblr's porn filter blocked Tumblr's images illustrating what Tumblr's porn filter won't block

The Death of Tumblr Highlights Congress's Real Priorities

A bill that led to "adult content" disappearing from Tumblr? Passed. A bill to prevent future election interference on social media? Not passed.

Why Tumblr’s ban on adult content is bad for LGBTQ youth

LGBTQ youth use Tumblr more frequently than others. The platform has provided a safe space for youth to explore sexual identities and find crucial support. A new regulating policy may change all that.

Tumblr- the sinking ship ( source: The Week )

Tumblr- the sinking ship

The Week


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