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#RIPJeffBezos? How And Why Twitter Killed The World's Richest Man

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Jeff Bezos isn’t dead, nor has he drowned in the Amazon river. But with Twitter police at work, the Amazon CEO can lose millions of dollars if people continue to presume that he has passed away. On Tuesday, a plunging wave of #RIPJeffBezos tweets took Twitter by storm and shock. The hashtags pertaining to Jeff Bezos’ death, numbering in millions, went afloat on the social media platform claiming that Bezos had died after drowning in the Amazon river. The trend was; however, soon debunked on the internet and the news about Jeff Bezos death was categorized as a hoax.  

While Jeff Bezos is well and alive, the #RIPJeffBezos hashtags aren’t a total miss. Twitter’s moral police’s latest undertaking involves bringing capitalist mammoths down to a level where they too feel the impact of a corona-orchestrated crippling economy. Previously, Twitter had targeted comedian Ellen DeGeneres in a similar fashion, the sole purpose of which was to hold the notorious celebrity accountable for her hypocritical economic mayhem.

Jeff Bezos’ popularity plummeted when on Monday, Amazon's stocks hit a record high. This coupled with regular rounds about Amazon’s lack of charity during the COVID-19 outbreak infuriated Twitterati, who took it upon themselves to unite with anti-capitalist sentiment and take on the selective hoarding of wealth within the creme da la creme of America.

While a lot of Twitter users are actively participating in the #RIPJeffBezos trend, posting memes to keep the energy of the movement alive, the hashtag has some opponents too. Few users have criticised the Jeff Bezos cancellation row citing his philanthropy, which includes a $100 million donation to food banks through Feeding America relief organisation.