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R.L. Stine's Point Horror: Coming To HBO Max?

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While streaming consumers are still digesting the content they can get on Apple TV and Disney+, another service is on the horizon, though it is taking time to secure its original content before becoming available. HBO Max is biding its time and building momentum through exclusive deals and original content, such as a potential Green Lantern series and now, R.L. Stine’s “Point Horror” adaption.

HBO Max claims the service will provide upon launch at least 10,000 hours of viewing content. From the aforementioned Green Lantern series and Stine’s classic horror adaptions to a rumored “Friends” reunion and “South Park,” HBO plans to beat out its many various competitors anyway it can. Though it is a bit pricier than counterparts, weighing it at a monthly $14.99, certain HBO subscribers may be eligible for a free subscription. HBO Max is slated for debut in Spring 2020.