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Roanoke Teacher Dresses as Influential Black Figures for Black History Month

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A teacher from Roanoke, Virginia, found a fun and impactful way to celebrate Black History Month and teach her students.

History teacher, Chwanda McLaughlin, has spent every day in the month of February dressing as a different notable Black figures in history, both national and international figures, for Black History Month.

She wanted to make her teaching more interactive and impactful for her students by really representing who these people were/are and dedicating class time to talking about their importance to history. The figures she’s represented range from older figures like Jesse Owens and Bessie Coleman to more modern change-makers like Diana Ross and Serena Williams.

This is a beautiful way to tie learning about history in with culture and social awareness. Black History IS American history and it should be treated as such all year-round, not just during the month dedicated to Black History.


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