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Rob Lowe & The Lowe Files?

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I think by now most everyone who reads my articles, stories, and books has a good idea of what I enjoy reading and writing about. This is because I love to write about what I know. 

So, topics like true crime, unsolved mysteries, horror, the paranormal, the supernatural, short stories, poems, cryptids, bigfoot, aliens, and the occult, all consume much of my work these days. 

Additionally, I also enjoy writing in the arena of non-fiction, and fancy writing about education, entertainment, finance, music, movies, writing, publishing, business, celebrities, biographies, and history. That being the case, I choose to intertwin several of these subjects into one article, like now for example.

Today, however, I wish to discuss a very interesting individual, who is not just a famous actor, but who also loves the outdoors. Rob's good looks and youthful tendencies are not the only things he sports. I am talking about Rob Lowe. Rob loves to also intertwine family, by blending family time with outdoor activities. This is very much the same tactic I always try and achieve.

Time is precious, and life is way too short not to utilize time management skills. So, what did Rob Lowe end up doing? He decided to take his two boys (sons) on an adventure they will never forget. Rob Lowe selected to put together a reality show of all them doing some very interesting outdoor adventures. He produced a reality show, featuring himself along with his two sons. Rob called it "The Lowe Files." 

The Lowe files:

"The Lowe files" were broadcasted some time ago, however, if you have never watched it earlier, go to and start viewing it. If your into this sort of material you will definitely enjoy his program. One of the reasons I really enjoyed this program was because it was all genuine - nothing staged. 

As a child, Rob Lowe began to cultivate a curiosity about unsolved mysteries, so it seemed natural for him to pass down the same interest to his sons, Matthew and John Owen. Now, the three-star in "The Lowe Files." The nonfiction series takes them across the country to further their passion, as they explore and debate mysterious stories and spooky legends. While designed to be fun in spirit, the missions are described by A&E Network as "deliberate and scientific investigations on a highly-sophisticated level" and include the Lowes using advanced monitoring equipment and taking in-depth training courses.

Featured among the nine hourlong episodes, the guys visit an underwater alien base located off the California coast; work with a renowned shaman at an abandoned boys' reformatory; and train with a government operative in methods to identify images from great distances.

Lowe, 53, said he "thought I was going to be killed" as the hulking "wood ape" loomed out of the darkness towards him in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, US.


Rob Lowe reveals terrifying moment ‘Bigfoot’ attacked him while filming ‘The Lowe Files’ in the Ozark mountains – and teases mythical beast may have been caught on camera the Hollywood Star claimed he had a hairy encounter with a 'wood ape' while shooting a new paranormal TV show with his sons in Missouri. 

Here is a video clip of this I hope you enjoy it. I did. Yes, I will eventually unveil to you the very authentic story of my own outdoor occurrences with the legend himself, bigfoot (Wood Ape, Sasquatch), or whatever you want to call him or her.

Nonetheless, seeing is indeed believing. And when you have six or seven other members of the family all-seeing and hearing-related entities, your skepticism concerning, questioning if these things every exist, goes straight out the door with, "ya there is definitely something out there."