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Russia Launches The First COVID-19 Vaccine

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At a government meeting on state television, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia had become the first country to authentically approve the administration of a Covid-19 vaccine after less than two months of human testing, The fortitude that Russia has shown in introducing the first cure for COVID 19 has at last bore fruit.

The once Soviet Union nation is all prepared to stand ahead in the global race via launching the COVID 19 vaccine very soon. Would it be a real remedy? Or the country is ignoring proper safety and authentic research protocols just for the sake of its national dignity. The reason behind such suspicion is that how could the newbie "Sputnik V" vaccine works effectively when it still needs to undergo the crucial Phase 3, trial -The trial phase that medicine should pass before receiving regulatory approval 

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia has become the first to approve an experimental covid-19 vaccine. In addition, he is confident about the therapeutic outcome as he said that his own daughter has already received a dose.

The Gamaleya Institute in Moscow develops the formula for Sputnik V. The name of the vaccine, in fact, points the world's first satellite, Sputnik, launched by the Soviet Union on Oct. 4, 1957. It, thus, highlights the country's accomplishment in becoming the first to have an approved vaccine against the pandemic infection. 

Global scientists, however, protest against the efficacy and safety of this product, which was approved following less than two months of human testing.

According to the WHO statistics, besides Russia, over 100 vaccines are being developed globally to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, four of them have successfully entered their Phase III trial.