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Sadhana struggled hard in farming farm income tripled

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Smt. Sadhana Satish Sarad (40), resides in village Sarfali, Taluka Babhulgaon, District Yavatmal of Maharashtra is a farm woman struggling in farming to take care of her husband’s health and shouldering the responsibility of higher education of her children. Sadhanatai, who is graduate in art faculty, has been cultivating her own farm of five acres of irrigated land for the last 10 years and encourages others to do innovative farming. During the early days, she had to resort to traditional as well as dry land farming, earning very little profit. The cost of crop production was also very high. The main reason for this is agricultural technology was not readily available.

When she came in contact with Reliance Foundation in 2017, she realized that the true farming was hidden in the technology. In the programme held in the village in year 2017-18 through Reliance Foundation, she learned many things from Prof. Rajendra Jane, an agriculture expert. She realized the need of timely supply of nutrients to crops, stopping excessive, unwarranted and improper use of chemical fertilizers which cause loss of land and soil, etc. Recognizing the need to test the soil for this, she tasted the farm soil. Apart from this, she adopted the method of rotating crops every year broad bed furrow method of planting, use of improved irrigation methods and planning the farm activities timey. Taking advantage of expert’s guidance and adopting technology in agriculture, the year 2019-20 exhibited a big difference between income and expenditure the previous and current year. Before the guidelines through the foundation, soybean yield was 5 quintals per acre, but after that it increased to 8 quintals per acre and seed cotton yield was also increased from 7 quintals per acre to 12.5 quintals per acre. The intercrop of pigeon-pea was taken in cotton yielded eight quintals which was earlier five quintals. During rabi season, the yield of bengal gram crop was 7 to 8 quintals per acre, but after guidance, it also increased to 14.4 quintals per acre. This increase in crop production is 1.5 times more than the earlier year’s production. In the kharif season of 2019-20, she harvested 20 quintals of soybean in 2.5 acres and earned Rs. Rs. 74,000; sold @ Rs. 3,700 per quintal. She produced 32 quintals of seed cotton from two and a half acres and earned Rs. 160,000; sold @ Rs. 5,000 per quintal. In the same field of cotton crop, she took intercrop of pigeon pea and got Rs. 40,400; by selling @ Rs. 5,050 per quintal. Moreover, during the rabi season, she produced 36 quintals of bengal gram from 2.5 acres and earn Rs. 216,000; sold @ Rs. 6,000 per quintal. Thus, in 2019-20, she sold her entire farm produce for a total value of Rs. 4.90 and fetched net profit of Rs. 3.83 lakh after deducting the total production cost of Rs. 1.07 lakhs. Apart from this, after intervention by the Reliance Foundation the total equivalent expenditure on seeds, crop protection, fertilizers and various farm operations, etc., has been reduced by 27% as a result of the adoption of technology. Of course, her net annual farm income is increased from earlier income of Rs. 1.16 lakhs to Rs. 3.83 lakh which is more than triple (i.e. increased by 229%). With the help of Reliance Foundation, she has benefited in the same way in 2018-19 and thus, during the last two consecutive years she has earned a total net profit of more than Rs. 7.50 lakh. From this income she repaid private loan of Rs. 2,00,000 and deepened the well for strengthening irrigation in the farm. She has achieved this success by building the inner courage and to protect the education and health of the children. Unfortunately, her long-sick husband passed away this year. For the last three years, she has been guiding other farmers in the village from time to time and helping them to raise their livelihood by bringing them in touch with the Reliance Foundation. “Battle is incomplete unless we do it with perseverance, hard work and fighting problems to the best of our ability. Contact with Reliance Foundation gave me a new hope of survival and I earned money from agriculture with the help of technology. Smt. Sadhana Satish Sarad, Mobile no. 860 542 5507.