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San Diego Zoo Welcomes New White Rhino Baby

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Last week, the San Diego Zoo welcomed its 100th rhino calf born in the park, and the second of the year. The new baby, a female, was born to 11 year old Amani, a Southern white rhino. The calf was produced via artificial insemination, as an attempt to determine methods to conserve other rhino species, such as the Northern white rhino.

The newest calf's birth was predated by Edward, another Southern white rhino, born to a different mother in July. The baby is nursing well, walking, and happily bonding with her mother, according to a press release by the San Diego Zoo.

Hopefully, the success found in breeding Southern white rhinos can extend to efforts to save other rhino species from extinction. The Southern white rhino currently sits at a "near threatened" status, as its population increases. However, poaching and habitat loss put species such as the black rhino at "critically endangered," and often their populations struggle to increase or remain stable. Warnings to social media users circulate regularly about these species' struggle to remain alive, and some posts even claim extinction for certain species, especially the black rhino. 

Do you feel strongly about breeding programs for endangered species? What should zoos and parks be doing to support the cause? Let us know in the comments!

Credit: San Diego Zoo