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Sanctuary Makes Dating Profile For Lonely Otter, Finds Him A New Mate

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No one deserves to be alone, especially not a poor otter whose beloved mate has just died. The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England created an online dating profile to help one of its otters find love again after its partner died. So sweet indeed.

Harris the otter is a 10-year-old grief-stricken mammal residing at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England. For 4 years, Harris, the short-crawled otter mated with another short-crawled otter at the sanctuary called Apricot. Apricot had been staying at Cornish for longer than Harris, and the two were very much in love. Apricot unfortunately passed away at the age of 16 in August, leaving a devastated Harris behind.

"Harris was a really sweet and dedicated partner to Apricot," said Georgina Shannon, the marketing director at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, as reminisced the loving chemistry between the two short-crawls at her park.

As per Shannon, otters are known to live in pairs. And since Harris and Apricot had been together for so long, Harris was particularly heartbroken when Apricot suddenly left him one day.

"He was feeling a bit down in the dumps, and otters like being in a pair, so him losing his partner was something that was really upsetting for him and the team," she said.

Seeing Harris lonely and all mopey, the team at the Sanctuary decided to introduce him to a new friend. And what better way is there to get two otters to meet and mate than online dating itself! To help give Harris a second chance at love, the team at the sanctuary came up with the idea to make him an online dating profile in early September.

But since Tinder would only allow humans to find love, The Cornish workers had to launch their own website to find a suitable partner for Harris. They subsequently custom made a dating site for their beloved Harris, and joking named it "Fishing for Love." The website listed Harris’ entire dating profile. And it also included a few cute pictures of the short-crawl alongside some biographical data about him. The bio was also hilarious and full of puns.

It read: “Looking to find my significant otter. I am very attentive, I love a cuddle and I am a very good listener. I will love you like no otter.”

The idea of listing a dating profile for Harris actually worked wonders. In only a few weeks of the profile going up, the team at Cornish Seal Sanctuary got several proposals for the sea mammal. But the proposal that appealed to them the most was a response from the SEA LIFE Scarborough animal sanctuary in Scarborough, England.

SEA LIFE Scarborough homes a female Asian short-crawled Otter called Pumpkin. Pumpkin herself had lost her partner earlier this year and she has been lonely ever since. The Sanctuaries have decided to now bring the otters together, as to help them move on in life. Harris will now be moving from Cornwall to Scarborough to see Pumpkin, the otter will reside there onwards.

According to Shannon said introducing Asian short-clawed otters can be "difficult and nerve-wracking," but their best chance at getting it right is letting the male move to the female's habitat, as females are dominant in the species.

"After having recently lost her best friend Eric, Pumpkin has been extremely lonely," a representative from SEA LIFE said. "We are delighted that Harris will be coming to join her at SEA LIFE Scarborough, and hope his arrival will provide Pumpkin with comfort and companionship."

"We think they are a really good match, and we hope they are both happy after losing their partners and that they have a really lovely life together," Shannon added.

Source: Insider