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Say Yes to the Dress: in Color?

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Since Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840, white has been the color of choice for most brides in the western world. Although not necessarily important, the color white has also been traditionally associated with purity in literature, this associating brides with the same virtue. But what if that association of the wealth of royalty and a literary allusion doesn't matter to you? Then it might be time to consider a colored gown.

You don't have to go bold in a bright primary color, although you certainly can. Many brides choose colors that compliment their wedding palette or their favorite color. A bright color is surely a statement making choice, and a contrast to the bridal party makes the bride stand out in a big way.

But maybe you prefer more subdued hues. 'Blush' gowns, and pastels under a white over skirt can be the perfect understated pop of color that puts the bride apart from others on her special day. Some brides even get colored lace over a white gown, or colored beaded accents on the bodice. Either way, if white isn't your style, color is absolutely an option!

Photo: Pixabay