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Scotland to Make All Women's Sanitary Products Free

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Let’s talk about something important: women spending a ridiculous amount of money on tampons, pads, and other period products because of something they have zero control over. And yet on a monthly basis, we're charged an unnecessary amount of money just to be sanitary. Well, some countries are finally taking steps to be more progressive in making an unfortunately permanently situation a bit more bearable.

Scotland has now become the first country ever to make women’s sanitary products completely free, in an almost unanimous vote. Members of parliament indicated they want people to take this as a sign of how important equality is to the country.

While no countries before now have made the products completely free, countries and some states in the US have tried to or succeeded in at least abolishing the sales tax on the products in an effort to make them more easily attainable for women. But it’s been a long time coming for any country to finally take this next big in making them free.

This type of issue may seem not very important to some in light of a lot of the very difficult things happening in the world right now, but with each small win that makes people feel heard and helped in some way, there is hope that even bigger and more pressing issues can start to be resolved as well.

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Image from Josefin on Unsplash.