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Scottish Boy Held Up And Eats Alone After Travelling Hours For Date

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After the date he had travelled hours to see did not show up, a Scottish teenager was left to eat alone. In the video below, you can see how the tale unfolds:

Craig Moffat recently drove from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, looking forward to his first date after being unmarried for two years.

However, the 21-year-joy old are immediately changed to disappointment when he realised he had been dumped.

Craig Posted on TikTok about his travels, "Maybe it's not time to be out there just yet."

Craig is seen boarding a train in the video, with the comment 'Can't wait, I'm so excited' scribbled across the footage. He then gets off the train and boards another to complete his epic journey.

Craig arrives 20 minutes early and waits for his date to come, but there is still no sign of them 35 minutes later.

But he doesn't waste it, ordering a meal, dessert, and shots to tide him over.

Craig gets on the train back home at the end of the video, writing: "I suppose I'll just go home. Tonight was something I was really looking forward to."

The video has been seen over 3.9 million times since it was shared.

Thousands of users have also commented on the video to express their gratitude to Craig.

"She doesn't deserve you mate, you'll find the one," one person said.

Another person echoed these feelings, writing, "Dude, I know you were excited, but you've avoided someone who would make you truly sad in the end."

"You are deserving of better."

"You went on a date with yourself!" wrote a third. Only that person merits you."

"Guys/girls, the one that stood you up will never find happiness," said another. "Keep your smile on."

"She's not worth it if she doesn't even show up," one fan stated.

Another person summed up the common sentiment: "Omg omg this is so awful." "I hope you're doing well."