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Season Three of Westworld Premieres Tonight; These Are My Thoughts.

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Mild spoilers ahead. Be fair warned; if you haven't seen the first two season's of Westworld on HBO, tread carefully. Go binge watch the first two seasons, and then come back for this discussion.

Westworld has taken us on a journey of cowboys, robots, and existentialism for two seasons now, and I honestly wondered at the end of season two where they were going to take things.

As a story, Westworld is in a unique position to entirely change its tone and atmosphere without completely derailing the show because we were given a natural progression to get there.

When season one began, the characters and the audience were entirely confined to the cowboys and Native American atmosphere of Westworld, if only briefly. It wasn't long before Westworld was revealed to be an elaborate theme park using futuristic technology. Season two saw us with more peeks behind the curtain of the facility that runs Westworld, and tiny hints of the world beyond. The next natural step was exploring the actual outside world of the future and dropping the wild west gambit almost entirely, but the difference is jarring.

The shows creators will have had to come up with a really great storyline to ease the audience from stage one of this universe to stage two. Although it makes sense, I worry the lack of familiar atmosphere could be detrimental to audiences sticking around if not handled tactfully. But then again, maybe refreshing the old format is exactly what this show needs to give it longevity.

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