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Seattle High School Students Stage Protest Over Firing of Teachers

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One day we’ll hopefully see love win in all scenarios, but sadly there’s still so much prejudice in the world.

Recently at a Catholic high school in Seattle Washington, two teachers were forced into resignation for being gay. Both teachers had gotten in engaged shortly before the incident, and naturally, they shared their respective exciting news on social media. Having caught wind of it, the school took action, but lucky for the teachers, and unlucky for the rest of the school administration, the students were having none of it.

Along with the help of some parents, the children staged a two-part protest. The first part consisted of a school-wide sit in where all the students participating refused to attend classes or be moved from the halls. When they were ready to move of their own accord, they took the protest outside for a school-wide walkout where they remained on the lawns with signs and declarations of disappointment over the loss of their wonderful teachers.

It’s heartwarming to see the younger generation with such compassion as this. This is a generation of student who even when they do maintain their religions and differences from others, do so with courtesy, respect, and love, which is what faith and religion should be all about.

We should all have an immense amount of respect for these students, and hopefully, their teachers will be allowed to return to their jobs after this!

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Image from original Facebook post documenting the event.