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Selena Gomez Launched Her New Rare Beauty Makeup Line Because Of Her Bipolar Disorder

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While many celebrities have opened up about the stigma revolving around mental health, Selena Gomez has shared her views via a peculiar way, by launching her Rare Beauty makeup line. Rare Makeup Beauty line is intended to support mental health, and it is inspired by Gomez's own experience with mental health disorders, primarily with bipolar disorder

Rare Beauty was intended to create a safe space for people, breaking down unrealistic standards of beauty. The line includes cream-based lightweight products that reflected Gomez’s makeup style, in an attempt to showcase people that their skin needs no masking and makeup should be used as a Therapeutic activity.

Gomez Launched a Rare Impact Fund alongside the line, which promised a 1% amount of each sale to be donated to providing mental health support resources to disadvantaged individuals. The website shares more information on organizations and partners who can be contacted in case of concerning mental health issues.

Lately, Gomez also debuted on Vogue’s Youtube channel with her video titled ‘Selena Gomez's Guide to the Perfect Cat Eye’. Fans noticed her struggling moments with applying eyeliner and lip color and poured in heartfelt comments about the star’s attempt to bring anxiety ( which was a side effect of Lupus) on-screen so mental health issues can be normalized in society.

One fan wrote "It breaks my heart to see her hands shake while holding the mirror. She doesn’t let anything stop her. What a queen such a strong independent woman."

Another penned down, "She’s a natural beauty. I’m not sure if her hands shake because of her lupus or she was nervous but it just shows we all have to be kind, sympathetic and lift each other up you just never truly "know what someone is going through."

Selena also shed light on her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder while she conversed with fellow Disney actor Miley Cyrus earlier. ‘I wanted to know everything about it, and it took the fear away.’ She also did a virtual makeup session using her products with ace beauty Youtuber Nikkie tutorials where both the stars chatted about beauty and using makeup as a therapeutic way of dealing with ups and downs.

Selena also featured in Allure’s October 2020 cover where she talked about her journey has a teen star, her mental health alongside her Lupus diagnosis, her actions to support BLM movements, and her Rare Beauty launch to promote kindness and responsibility among her 'Selenators' fan base.

Selena Gomez has listed her motivation behind introducing the new makeup line on her Rare Beauty website. Talking about her new brand, Gomez says, “I think Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand—it can make an impact. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and just start embracing our own uniqueness.”

According to Selena Gomez, being Rare is about being comfortable in one’s own skin. Selena herself has abandoned her pursuit of perfection. And now, she is just trying to be herself, while remaining in her own comfort zone. 

Gomez and her rare beauty brand have made their mission statement and purpose clear. And their ambitions reflect the brand’s mental health inspiration. According to the Rare Beauty website, the brand believes in the beauty of imperfections. It aims at nurturing a caring and respectful community, while also creating meaningful connections and relationships. Rare Beauty is a champion of authenticity and positivity. It will lead its operations with transparency, to build customers’ trust in the brand. For Gomez and Rare Beauty, vulnerability is not a vice. Rather it is a strength, that makes one human.