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Several Wounded In WWI Memorial Explosion In Saudi Arabia

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During an international ceremony in Saudi Arabia commemorating those lost in World War I, an explosive device went off, wounding several people in the city of Jeddah on Wednesday. There were many diplomats and representative attending the event at a cemetery in the city. 

The ceremony, which was in commemoration of non-Muslims who lost their lives during WWI, resulted in the wounding of four people, including a Saudi security guard and a Greek citizen. "The Embassies of France, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which were associated with this commemoration, strongly condemn this cowardly attack," read a Press Release by the British Embassy in Riyadh. 

It also read that they "thank the brave Saudi first responders who assisted those at the scene." It has not been announced yet who is responsible for the attach, but a Saudi state news channel broadcast that while the attack affected many, it said the situation is stable and an investigation is underway. 

Source: AlJazeera