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Sex, Abuse, and Jail 4 Disneyland Dark Secrets You Wish You Never Knew

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Disneyland and its sister parks colloquially referred to as the ‘happiest places on Earth’ render friends and family with the most enchanting experiences of their lives. Even under the scorching sun, and with all the long queues and expensive tickets, the parks are the most recreational facilities on the planet, and it’s rare to find someone who has not had a gala time there. Disneyland; nevertheless, has plentiful dark secrets, which it logically attempts to conceal to prevent the magic of its delicately crafted illusions from fading away.

Here are some of them

People scatter the ashes of their loved ones in the haunted mansion: As reported by the Wall Street journal, such instances occur at least once a month. Voyagers disperse of the ashes of their deceased loved ones in the ‘Haunted Mansion’ facility of the park, and this requires staff to employ a thorough clean up strategy. There is a secret code for when it happens: “HEPA cleanup.” “HEPA” refers to the special kind of vacuum filter they need to use to be able to suck up super-fine particles, like human ashes.

There really is a Disney jail: Disney is stern about the violations of rules on its property and hence it has proper jurisdiction in place to deal with any misconduct. As reported by Ranker, Disney has a police station and an interim prison to prevent on-site offenders from breaking loose.

Employees are treated very strictly: This one does not as a surprise. Disneyland requires its characters to be in costumes at all times, and the costumes are sometimes so heavy and uncomfortable that they cause injuries. Employees have to strictly abide by all rules and they are not allowed to complain about their job on social platforms. Character employees have often been body-shamed, ridiculed and even harassed.

A lot of sex goes on in the park: Don’t count this as sex-shaming, but Disneyland being a family venue isn’t the best place to have sex. People have been caught having sex on the rides, in the parking, in the toilets, and even in the public cafeteria. While this would not have been so bad if Disneyland was an adults-only facility. But since most of the parks’ visitors are children, the sex is a problem.