Shake Shack trumps all

Boston, MA Newbury Street

I just tried Shake Shack for the first time last night for dinner. Me and my friends were shopping around Newbury st on Black Friday and worked up quite the appetite. We were unsure of what we were in the mood for, but we passed by the Shake Shack and all immediately had the same thought: I could go for a burger!

Looking at the menu I decided to go for the Shack Burger because by the name it was obviously one of their classics.

I’ve onviously had McDonald’s and Burger King before, and more recently tried Five Guys and Whalburger’s.

Shake Shack in my opinion was by far the best out of all of these options. Their quality was great and their ingredients seem to be natural and worthy. I am someone who is pretty health conscious so I liked the fact that this wasn’t too greasy or made me feel gross.

Next time I go I am certainly getting one of their tasty looking shakes and I might even try their chicken sandwich. I’m happy there is one close enough to my apartment because I am already eager for more.


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