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Short Storie: How DAVE visited a doctor.

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When Dave Perkins was young, he played a lot of games, and he was thin and strong, but when he was forty-five, he began to get fat and slow. He was not able to breathe as well as before, and when he walked rather fast, his heartbeat painfully.
He did not do anything about this for a long time, but finally, he became anxious and went to see a doctor, and the doctor sent him to the hospital.
Another young doctor examined him there and said, ‘I don’t want to mislead you, Mr. Perkins. You’re very ill, and I believe that you are unlikely to live much longer.
Would you like me to arrange for anybody to come and see you before you die?’ Dave thought for a few seconds and then he answered, ‘Yes, I’d like another doctor to come and see me.’