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Singapore Celebrates Birth Of Lion Cub “Simba” Born from Sperm Of Late Father “Mufasa”

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Singapore Zoo celebrates the arrival of a small new friend, baby Simba who is born from the process of artificial insemination.

While Simba’s birth has been a source of delight for the Singapore Zoo staff, it is quite unfortunate that the little cub will never be able to meet his late father Mufasa, whose semen was stored to continue his bloodline.

According to Zoo officials, Mufasa could never mate during his lifetime and was growing weak and old. Surpassing his siblings in terms of age, it was decided by the Zoo officials “to euthanize Mufasa on humane grounds” as the mammal was also suffering from atrophy.

"Semen collection while Mufasa was under anaesthesia was a secondary procedure, albeit an important one, to ensure his bloodline continues after his passing."

A zoo spokesperson stated that Electro-ejaculation was carried before the lion’s demise to preserve the genes of his family.

According to the zoo, the process was of immense significance because the semen specimen was of, "high value in contributing to the genetic diversity and sustainability of African lion populations in zoological institutions."

While the baby Simba, whose name was inspired by Disney’s 1994 wildly popular movie “Lion King” was born in late October, the zoo kept the arrival private as the little cub was having difficulty in feeding because of his mother Kayla’s inflamed glands. The little cub was carefully bottle-fed and is now in good shape and health.

The Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre at the Zoo commented that baby Simba is "growing up to be a healthy and inquisitive little lion, with a particular fondness for a rattan ball he can tussle with.”

Source: BBC  News