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Skip the Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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Anybody who knows me or reads my blog knows that I love DIY alternatives. I like trying new recipes and crafting new and exciting projects to make my home a little more beautiful and functional. But one thing I won't post to this page is a homemade hand sanitizer recipe, and you should be very cautious if you use a recipe you find online-- assuming you can still find the ingredients at all!

The kind of hand sanitizer you can find in a store contains 60% alcohol or more, which requires an isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera concoction to use alcohol that is 91% or above. Not only is this extremely hard to find in some places, or even impossible, but you cannot substitute for a lower concentration. 70% isopropyl alcohol, or worse 50%, when mixed in the recipes' recommended amounts of aloe, isn't strong enough to kill germs effectively. So you need the strong stuff to even get it to work. What's worse, even if you do manage to get ahold of a bottle of 91%, the consistency is difficult to get right. And once again, if you mess up the measurements even slightly, you'll be left with a clumpy mess that doesn't even kill the germs you're trying to eliminate. 

When it comes to health and DIY, I know that ginger tea can calm an upset stomach, peppermint help alleviate a headache, and lavender help with sleep issues. But in the end, listening to the advice of medical professionals, using store bought sanitizer, and especially practicing proper hand washing will prevent more disease than my DIY sanitizer ever could.

Stay safe!

Photo: Pixabay