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Skype Bitcoin Scammers

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Dutch journalist and TV presenter, Jort Kelder, called out a Bitcoin [BTC] scammer over Skype following the unauthorized use of his face.

Researchers identified and exposed the names of several companies that were using the faces of celebrities, to promote outrageous Bitcoin scams, Brandpunt+ announced earlier this year.

Brandpunt+ then began a more extensive undercover investigation, which sequentially led to Kelder confronting one of the people deemed to have used Kelder’s face to scam people.

In an exclusive episode published on Brandpunt+’s YouTube channel, Kelder is seen contacting one of the alleged scammers. He tells the assumed culprit: “If you take a closer look, I’m Jort Kelder and you used my head for this Internet scam.” After a brief conversation, he hangs up and tells the supposed scammer: “Bye, bye, I’ll see you in jail.”

Kelder’s face and image, along with a host of other celebrities, including Big Brother creator John de Mol, have been employed by scammers to entice victims into believing their Bitcoin scams are legitimate.

The scammers, which Brandpunt+ believes are located in Prague, Czech Republic, mock-up fake news articles, using celebrity imagery as endorsements.

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