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Slimecicle Has Already Reported Carson To Police Over Pedophilia

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Former Lunch Club member Charlie ‘Slimecicle’ Dalgleish has already reported Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King to federal law enforcement, the YouTuber confirmed on Tuesday.

Earlier today, allegations were leveled against the Minecraft veteran and Lunch Club star claiming that he had “groomed” several underage girls and exhibited predatory behavior. First Lunch Club members Traves and Hugbox confirmed Carson’s behavior in an interview, and later a girl called Sam, under the Twitter username miniborb came out on Twitter with pieces of evidence against Carson. After Sam’s revelation, Australian YouTuber Fitz also affirmed the news about Carson.

Now Carson’s former colleague Slimecicle has revealed that he has already reported Carson to federal law enforcement. According to Slimecicle, he had known about Carson’s pedophilic behavior since 2020. It was, in fact, one of the driving reasons why Slimecicle suddenly left Lunch Club last year.

Slimecicle has recently revealed his statement to Twitter. As per Slimecicle “In an early 2020 phone call, Carson told all the Lunch Club members and our group manager that he had exchanged nudes with an unnamed girl he believed to be 17. I immediately reported this information to federal law enforcement, cut all ties to Carson, and withdrew completely from Lunch Club.”

Slimecicle says that he hadn’t come out publicly about the matter earlier at the request of the victim, who insisted on keeping her identity a secret. But Slimecicle says that he “took every step to protect the unnamed victim and report the information I had to authorities.”

Carson has not yet reacted to the controversy. But considering the situation, it is likely that some action will be taken against him soon.

Source: Slimecicle