Snow before Thanksgiving? No thanks

Boston, MA Brighton

I must say that as I left the gym tonight, I was certainly not expecting to come outside to a full blown snow storm. I guess I didn’t check the weather enough this week, but I had no clue we were even supposed to get snow. It was especially cold out today, so I guess it makes sense why the snow is so thick and sticking to the ground easily.

I feel like I blinked and the cold cold weather was here! What happened to my beautiful fall leaves everywhere that I love oh so much?!?! Sending me into full blown remorse over my favorite season.

New England weather certainly is one of a kind. While I’m here for the blessing of all four seasons, I gotta say I wish winter could come December 1st and leave January 2nd. The holidays are meant for snow but that’s just about it in my mind.

I guess it’s time to embrace the hot cocoa and and curl up on the couch to watch this snow fall.

Any winter lovers out there? Tell me your reasons why!


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