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So America will not remain silent; Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo warns China

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Hong Kong:

Hong Kong police have taken the first action under the National Security Act enforced by the Chinese government. Police have arrested seven people for allegedly violating the new law during the agitation. Two of them have been arrested on charges of demanding Hong Kong's independence and displaying posters and flags.

According to police on Twitter, a man was arrested in the city's Causeway Bay district. In his hand was the flag of Hong Kong's independence. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. A woman was also arrested for carrying a poster with a British flag and demanding Hong Kong's independence.

According to police, 180 people have been arrested on various charges. There are various allegations including illegal accumulation, possession of weapons, violation of national security law. The National Security Act was enacted at 11pm on Tuesday after anti-government protests erupted in Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous region, last year. The law also makes it illegal to demand Hong Kong's independence, to proclaim it, or to display posters or flags. To participate in this is to be considered a violation of the law. Strict action will be taken in such cases whether there is violence in this movement or not.

The most serious crime in the law is considered to be conspiracy to commit a crime. This can lead to maximum life imprisonment. Other offenses can result in a minimum of 3 years in prison or a limited period of detention. Opposition groups in Hong Kong fear that the new national security law could stifle dissent in the region. China is said to have implemented the new law as pro-democracy voices have been raised in Hong Kong. Over the past year, there have been large-scale democratic movements in Hong Kong. There were also some violent incidents. The protesters also vandalized railway stations, airports and other public places.

... so America will not remain silent

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned that the United States will not remain silent if China tries to seize Hong Kong. He also said that the implementation of the new brutal law by China has shaken Hong Kong's autonomy.


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