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Some facts about girls...?

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A girl feel sad when she misses her love but she will feel 100 times more sadder when she comes to know that the opposite person is not missing her.

A girl might not trust her boyfriend every time but she would always love her beloved and trusted one.

Girls who laugh and talk a lot usually cry alone at night.

In every girl’s life there are 3 boys. 1)Boy who is loved by this girl. 2)Boy who is hated by this girl and 3)A boy whom she thinks that she can’t live without him.

A girl cannot keep a secret for more than 47 hours.She would share with someone definitely.

Girls spends one year of their lifetime just to decide which dress to wear.

Out of every 100 girls,only one girl will become wife of her lover remaining 99 girls will become passwords for their lovers gmail,facebook accounts.

40% deliveries in America are of unmarried women.

A girl cries around 30–64 times in an year and a boy cries around 9–16 times an year.

Girls always tell 3 lies in their life time.They are:- 1)I hate you 2)I am fine and 3)I would never believe you.

Whenever a boy says I LOVE YOU to a girl,she feels that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Girls like the boys who asks them for advice.

Girls are scared of cockroaches.