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Some Horror History facts -part1

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1. The Roman king Tarquin crucified anyone

who committed suicide – even though they

were already dead – to show other people what

would happen to their bodies if they did the same.

2.In Anglo-Saxon England, people who died in a famine were eaten by their neighbours!

3.In the time of King Charles II of England, who reigned from 1649 to 1685, dead people had to buried in a shroud made of wool, to boost business for the wool trade.

4.A medieval trial of guilt required a suspected criminal to plunge their hand into a pan of hot water and take out a stone, or carry a red-hot iron bar. The injured arm was bandaged and inspected after three days. If it was healed the person was considered innocent. If not, they were guilty and were punished.

5. In 167 BCE, a Roman commander had a group of soldiers trampled to death by elephants for deserting (running away from battle).

6.To make violin strings, the gut of a sheep – which could be 30 metres long (over 98 feet) in length – was removed intact. The blood, flesh and fat were then scraped off the outside, the half digested grass was squeezed out and it was washed out carefully. The wider end was used as sausage skins, the rest for violin strings