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Some of the amazing facts-#3

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1.Turtles can breathe through their butts and pee through their mouths.

2. According to switerzerland law,social animals like guinea pigs must have a buddy with them. owning only one is considered animal abuse

and is illegal.

3. pandas (male) do a handstand when they pee to compete for dominance by marking trees. Whoever pees the highest wins.

4. When you die, there are companies that will turn yours ashes into fireworks so you can literally "go out with a bang"

5. Dolphins can talk to one another over the phone and can even recognize each others voices.


In 18th century england,it was fashionable for wealthy estate owners to hire people to dress as druids,never wash themselves, grow their hair and nails as long as possible, and live in their gardens as 'ornamental hermits'


You can find traces of gold in the hair of newborn children.

8. Every year on august 5, the mars CURIOSITY rover celebrates the anniversary of its arrivals by singing happy birthday song to itself .all alone.on Mars.

#thanks for reading 😊.