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Something Beautiful

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Ever felt that something good is on its way but everything you see, feel and experience is telling you that you are either delusional or out of touch with reality?

You, my friend, are not alone. I guess everybody nowadays terms it in a different way, a sixth sense, intuition, advanced perception, the list goes on.

I have a different view though. My presuppositional beliefs colour this view.

We can agree to disagree, but humour me nonetheless, okay?

See I believe in the trichotomy of man. That our being is made up of three parts. Body, soul and spirit.

The body and soul are like two peas in a pod. The body feels like crap, the soul, or emotions, call it either, supports the body in its assessment, even at times adding fuel to the fire, and the two collaborate pretty well together in taking in the existential reality and functioning based thereon.

Then we have our spirit. The kind of isolated part of ourselves which often gets the least attention because quite frankly, spirits don't eat, and they deal pretty well with breakups, BFF arguments and all that jazz the other two love to prioritize as critical to our wellbeing.

All of this is interesting and all, but it's not the point of this post. It serves merely to introduce my view on why we at times feel that anticipation of good when all else argues against it.

See, the spirit functions on spirit-based principles and in reality, if you share my beliefs, supersede the physical realities.

Should this provide you hope? If you're stuck in a bottomless pit with no way out, well yes, it probably is your only hope.

Now let's address the issue of the expectation of good when the reality is telling you that good is the last thing you should be expecting.

Personally, I've been going through some difficult challenges. Probably the worst challenges I've had to face in my life. Yet, I have this overwhelming sense that everything will work out in the end in a very good way. In fact, better than it's ever been.

Here's my theory. Since our spiritual self interacts with God, it has a type of inside information concerning things that are to come.

So in essence, even though our body and soul with the existential perceptions are correct in their observations of our circumstances, our spiritual informant is communicating, or rather trying to, in various ways, that what we are perceiving is about to be superseded by a superior reality and it's time to expect that something beautiful is on its way.

That's my humble opinion and I'll sure as heck keep you posted on whether my theory is correct, or whether it's time to call in the white coats and have them sedate this nut.

Until then, I wish you all peace, prosperity and comfort, especially during this challenging time facing the world right now. Much love!

Written by Dwain Donovan Stewart