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Sophie Turner Reveals The Birth Date Of Her Recently Born Daughter

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas greeted their baby daughter Willa into their lives this summer, but her name was one of the minimal details they chose to share with the world. However, yesterday the young actress shared a photo of a necklace on social media that followers suspect is engraved with what was the Willa's birth date. 

The necklace was made by the jewelry company Jennifer Fisher (Instagram: @jenniferfisherjewelry). She thanked the company for the piece on her Instagram story, the same post revealing the birth date. It was engraved with the dat "22.07/20." 

According to the date, their daughter should be turning 4 months old in just 8 days! As many babies born during the pandemic, Willa has not had a typical welcoming into the work, filled with friends and family. Fellow Game of Thrones actress and close friend to Turner, Maisie Williams, said she hasn't even seen Willa yet due to the travel restrictions during the pandemic. The new parents have need taking extreme caution when it comes to who they have around their newly-born.