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Spanish my favourite

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Spanish may is my favourite cause they easy n full of ethnicity like various culture combined be it in alright quite slang pronunciation but one day Japanese n Korean will b my best friends to learn n speak. However doesn't mean i dont like french when is not bad bravo.


   Duolingo huh? My ass tis app is easy at first few chapters n lessons but as i move up to different conversations or teaching level realize they get harder need morer time to memorise so can remember fuller.  Sitting on bed with back supported by back pillow of bed is my learning posture not too tiring making..


Now I get back to tis platform to remind u hope u learn new language especially more better keep your knowledge n discovering of vocabulary various like more the merrier 


   Dont make me sleep when supposed to read n hear it pronounced to know meaning find out how it sound word by word one by 1,


Trust me it's not easy but if i put my soul into focusing hard or studying smart I'll ace exam but all i care is to score perfect hundreds so i can add up each hundred marks to amount to millions with all zeros behind a beginning one. Reward myself grand when grades improve I'll do my best to beat de rest!!


     Today i study already but now's just morning I won't sleep fast til tomorrow so later again will study like it won't end