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Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight Ticket

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On Spirit Airlines, flight change is the most common search query every passenger makes after booking a ticket. However, many passengers do not know about the very simple and easy flight change procedure that can be done online. Passengers can easily request flight changes 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure with no change fees.

But for canceling flights after 24 hours of booking, there will be some flight charges.

You cannot change a flight booked under an award flight ticket.

After cancellation of your flight ticket you can apply for flight refund.

According to Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy the maximum time an airline takes to process a flight refund is at least seven days. And flight refunds are processed the same way you paid for the flight.

After the risk-free window has passed, passengers who booked their non-refundable flight may be assessed a cancellation fee.

You can claim your money back when the airline itself cancels your reservation.