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Spreading Knowledge and Resources for Students

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I know here on Folkspaper, as well as everywhere else, we're being bombarded by coronavirus talk. I'm trying my best to still find some topics to write about without connection to the current goings-on because having something interesting and unrelated to read every now and again is very helpful for everyone's stress and anxiety. But sharing information is also important.

This week at my full-time job (currently being conducted form home), me and two of my coworkers have formed a COVID-19 content task-force to bring the most relevant and helpful content we can to high school and college students who are being majorly effected during this time. 

I wanted to share this content and resources with everyone so you can pass it on to students you may know if they're feeling lost or scared during this time. Especially for students who were going through the college search and application process who feel a little listless right now. College may seem like a distant dream for them right now, but they'll still get to go, so it's still important to stay on top of the admission process.

Here's the link to the resources!

Stay safe and healthy everyone. We're in this together!