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Spring Cleaning in Isolation

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I have absolutely no excuse to procrastinate any more on my spring cleaning. As someone who isn't terribly bothered by a little disorder, it just hasn't seemed important when compared to everything else I've been doing: working out, cooking healthy meals, reading, writing, and spending time with family.

But incredibly, after sorting through seasonal clothes and scrubbing the baseboards, I find that I'm closer to finished with my annual deep cleaning than I thought. With all this extra time, and in a regular homemade schedule, I had more time to devote to the organization projects that I needed to get done, even after my regular chores were done. But how did I stay motivated to clean, when i know I'd rather be watching a movie with my family or playing outside with the dog?

Perhaps it's a cultural obsession with productivity. Maybe it's plain boredom. Or maybe it's that, when left to our own devices and not commuting to an office, it's possible to be even more productive than we would have been normally.

Now excuse me, I have to scrub under my fridge.

Photo: Pixabay