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St. Louis Couple Gets Memed After Pointing Guns at Protestors

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ST. LOUIS, MO -- Mark and Patricia McCloskey, now known all over the internet as 'Ken and Karen,' have shaken the news as they brandished firearms as a group of protestors marched across their property, on their way to Mayor Lyda Krewson's residence, where they planned to demand her resignation after she released the names and addresses of those calling for the defunding of the St. Louis Police Department.

See the video footage here:

The couple, who are also personal injury lawyers, earned criticism for their reaction, as many claimed that they threatened the protesting group. The McCloskeys disagree, claiming that they were threatened, and were defending their private property. No shots were fired during the incident.

But even after the tension dissipated, criticism continued. Many online noted the poor firearm handling, including putting a finger on the trigger and waving the muzzle of the guns wildly about. Others laughed at the "karenness" of pointing a gun at people who were crossing private property, and the "Boomer" look of the couple.

The legality of the protestors' presence, and that of the homeowners' reactions, is questionable, but as we can always expect of the internet, memes were born:

What do you think? Is the couple's reaction understandable or memeable? Both? Neither? Give me your thoughts in the comments!