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Star Of 'Halloweentown' Kimberly J. Brown Recreates Iconic Costume

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Kimberly J. Brown, also known as Marnie Piper for her role in Halloweentown, brings back all the feels to OG fans as she recreates the iconic costume she sported throughout the film. In a TikTok video she shared, she went from casual jeans and a tee to full on Marnie Piper, with a big ol' witches hat and a coat, bedazzled with stars and crescents. 

"Just wanted to see if it still fits…😏" she captioned the video. The now 35-year-old was all smiles during her video sequence.

The short but magical video Brough back many memories for fans who grew up watching the movie every halloween. "You don't understand, I am in tears," commented one user on the video. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO US EVERY YEAR," said another. 

Watch the throwback here

Source: TikTok