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Start a Niche Blog and Make Passive Income Every Day

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In this strategy you need to do some homework before and after.

When you search something in google you will come up with millions of results generally. Let's say you search "mortgage", google will bring you 1.080.701.204. That is over 1 Billion web pages! But you will only check for the first page results, top 10 results. So the key is to be on the top ten in this game. Once you are in the top ten you will get thousands of daily page visits which will make you lots of money if you put advertisement in your web page.

Now, I want you to memorize Difficulty and Traffic terms.

Difficulty: How hard it is to rank your web site in the top 10 results for google, bing, yahoo searches.

Traffic: Monthly total number of that search term is searched.

As you already started to understand we should be looking for words which have low difficulty (less than 5, where range is 0 to 100) and high traffic (more than 5000). I know no one wants to read long articles. Here is the strategy:

1. Get a related list of search keywords with low Difficulty and high Traffic. You can use free version of semrush to get these kind of keyword lists.

For instance, you can start a blog based on error codes. Everyone is looking for error codes everyday. You get an error code on your PC, software, car, washing machine, etc. Sample error codes:

error code 1603

what does error code 3 means

Other niche keywords:

1984 audiobook reviews

audiobook reviews

what does 750 credit score means

what does 668 credit score means

You can use semrush to discover 1000s of keywords like these.

2. Get a domain name and hosting and start a simple web site. If you decide to make a site about error codes, choose a name like  godaddy is the most popular and cheap domain and hosting provider.

Add at least 2 articles into your web site. Since competition is low (low difficulty) google will index your website and it will show your web page in the top 10 results.

3. Add advertising to your web page and start earning even while you are sleeping. Once you start to get some traffic, you can leave the website alone and it will keep you making you money forever.

drivereasy is a great example of this strategy. They have 1000s of error codes explained in their site. Their monthly traffic is 5 Millions. That means they make more than $20000 every month from adverising!