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Hacking Is Not At All Crime, It's An Art..

When People Hears The Word Hacking , They imagines a Lot and thinks that Hacking is a

few clicks Magic with Computers..

Here What People imagines When They Hears The Word Hacking

But when it comes Real life, Hacking Is Totally Different than you see in the movies.

And The Hackers also different than those you see in the movies.

In Real life People Divides Hackers into two types, you might thought about White Hat Hackers and Black Hat Hackers If so then you're wrong. In Real life People divides Hackers into two types 1. Real Hackers 2. Fake Hackers In Front of People's Imagination Real Hackers are those Who Hacks Ultimately into Bank Accounts, Websites, shuts down any services, and does some amazing things with computers and they thinks that All Those Real Hackers are Ethical Hackers and they are Anonymous In Front of People’s imagination Second one is those Fake Hackers, They think these Hackers are Noobs, and they knows nothing about hacking and they even can't hack but claims they are Hackers.. Important Note: Still if you don't know Who are Hackers and the Types Of Hackers,

still don't know the sense Behind Hacking.

Than Seriously Don't Read This Book, As This Book is Not For You, Go Back and Gain

some Basic Knowledge About Hacking

Thanks next part coming soon