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Start Marketing Your Liberal Arts Degree

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What's the first thing that many people say when you mention your liberal arts degree? In my experience, it's usually something along the lines of the degree being useless, or somehow unworthy of respect. While I do agree that many majors in the arts will get the biggest paychecks from very specific (and not highly demanded) careers, there's no reason that your liberal arts degree can't be used to get your foot in the door of a company, with the right framing and personal marketing.

It really all boils down to how you write your resume. Keep in mind that some companies and positions are looking for a specific degree and level of experience, and you can't really manufacture that. However, you can leverage what you learned and experienced in your college days to remind prospective employers that you do possess some of the qualities they value. Did you work on a school newspaper? Publishing and collaborative experience. Did you write a 15 page essay on posthumanist qualities of early 90s TV sitcoms? Proven eye for detail and demonstrated research ability. Anything can potentially be a line on a resume.

As long as you can prove that what you write in your resumes and cover letters is true, there's no reason that you should sell your arts degree short. Get out there and make a great impression!

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