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I'm nervous.

I'm sitting on my bed beside a cup of cold tea, nervously refreshing my news pages as the clock ticks down to Donald Trump's address at 9pm.

Fox News is having an absolute field day, and their comments sections are lousy with racism and ignorance.

Everything's vile.

If Trump declares a state of National Emergency, he may be able to reallocate funds from the national budget to build his wall.

But that's not the terrifying thing.

Trump is an Authoritarian. He'd be a despot, but he's far too stupid for any actual scheming. However, authoritarians have been using cases of "exceptions" to seize and consolidate power, and to make dictatorial changes to constitutions, for a long time. A recent article, the Washington Post wrote "...Giorgio Agamben noted in his writing on the topic, states of exception weren’t just for Nazis. Article 23 of Argentina’s constitution allowed for the suspension of constitutional guarantees in the event of domestic disorder. When generals seized power there in 1976, they made intricate, exhaustive use of the article to pervert the legal process. In Chile, a coup on Sept. 11, 1973, institutionalized extrajudicial governance, and the resulting state of emergency remained in place for 15 years."

If he declares a state of emergency, he might build that wall. But he's definitely going to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis that his administration has created on the Southern border.

Trump's presidency is bad.

Perspective | If Trump declares a state of emergency, he might actually cause one

The declaration of a "state of exception" in response to a political impasse would be a big step toward degrading an already vulnerable system.

America would become a dictatorship if Trump declares a national emergency, House leader says - NY Daily News

The President has threatened to declare such an emergency, and some speculate whether that is the goal of his prime time address Tuesday night.

 ( source: the new yorker )

the new yorker


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