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Stats Suggest That 'Flights To Nowhere' Are Selling Out In A Matter Of Minutes Across The Globe

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As the novel coronavirus took a toll on the world in 2020, most countries closed their borders to tourists and other travelers. This logically crushed the tourism and aviation industry, and to deal with some airlines adapted by marketing virtual travel.

One such virtual travel experience was the ‘flight to nowhere’. In flights to nowhere or scenic/ sightseeing flights, passengers get the entire airport and airplane experience, but instead of landing in a new destination at the end of the flight, they arrive at the same airport they had departed from.

When the first flights to nowhere were announced, the reactions were mostly negative. But now, according to figures, it has been obtained that these flights are selling out in only a couple of minutes.

In September, the Qantas flight offering scenic tours around Australia became the quickest-selling flight in the airlines’ history when tickets to the flight were sold out only in 10 minutes. In August, more than 50,000 people applied for a seat on Japan's All Nippon Airways Hawaii-themed flight. In the same month, Taiwan’s EVA Air announced that it would also offer scenic flights. The Hello-Kitty themed flight had all of its 300 seats booked on the same day it was announced.

While the flights have certainly salvaged their airlines from dramatic losses, they have been seriously scorned by critics who argue that flights to nowhere are wasting natural resources and augmenting the climate crisis. Experts also say that the risk of exposure to Covid-19 due to a lot of people being cramped up in a single flight is very high.

Source: Insider