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Step by Step Guide to Fix Computer not Booting

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Computer not booting is one of the commonly faced problems in users who have been using the same system for a more extended period of time. If all of your work is done on the system that you use and one fine day you switch it on and find that your computer is not booting, well that can be an annoying situation for you by causing hindrances to your work or any school or college-related project that you need to do on your system.

If you want to fix the problem of your computer not booting and you’ve no idea on how can you do the troubleshooting measures, well, in case, go through the points listed below to get a clear understanding of the topic in a hassle-free and timely manner for your convenience;

In case of a Desktop PC- If you use a Desktop PC and your system is not booting up;
If your system is not booting, then it is not necessarily important that it is a hardware problem; it can be a software-related issue as well.
First of all, back up all the data you have on your computer by taking out the hardware and attaching it to another device and making sure that you backed up all the data necessary to you.
Now, check all the cables you have connected to your Desktop and make sure that all the wires and the slots are working fine.
Open up the CPU panel and check the power supply wires inside the CPU.
Now, remove and reset all the components present inside your CPU.
Locate the graphic card of your CPU and remove it and insert it again by cleaning off the dust from it.
Please check whether the fan inside is working or not.
You can troubleshoot your Desktop PC if it is not rebooting with the help of following the points listed above in a hassle-free and timely manner.

In case of a Laptop- If you use a Laptop and it is not booting up;
Check the charging cable and the adaptor of your laptop whether it is powering up and properly connected.
Check the charging jack of your Laptop after that.

Remove the battery of your Laptop and try to switch it on by just connecting it to the power supply that you have but make sure to remove the battery.

If it still doesn’t boot, then perform the software troubleshoot while you po9wer on your Laptop.
Thus, one can quickly troubleshoot the problems related to the computer not booting and can start using all the services provided by your system. You can then continue with all of the computer-related work and services for your own convenience.