Stop Staring At Me Bozo!

Brookline, MA The Abbey

Why is it every time I sit down at a bar ALONE whether it be to relax or finish some work, I am left to fight off whatever Joe Blow is sitting next to me. Just because I sat down unaccompanied, a.) does not mean I am single and b.) does not mean I want to talk to you. I simply want a beer and some fatty food to accompany my miserable week of a jerk boss and a sh**t talking co-worker. I even go so far as to hide under my hat or make zero eye contact as to not invite any sort of conversation. Once that door opens, there is no turning back. I get it guys, you are lonely but maybe just give it a few before sticking your predator eyes all over us ladies. You aren't that slick ;) Great spring roll though!

 ( source: Stage in the Sky )

Stage in the Sky


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