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Straight From The Horses Mouth: Books To Read & Not Read

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Are you interested in finding out about decent books people are currently reading? How about books people are not recommending you read during quarantine?

If so, here are some customer's book suggestions to read or not to read during these crazy lonely times. And, oh, did I mention they come, straight from the horse's mouth: 

Quarantine Suggestion (1):

My first quarantine book was This Body: 

A Novel of Reincarnation by Laurel Doud. I had picked it up from one of those take a book / leave a book places ages ago, because the premise sounded intriguing, and finally decided to read it. 

However, it was terribly whiny and badly written. I did finish the whole thing because I kept hoping something interesting would happen, but I really wouldn't recommend it.

Quarantine Suggestion (2):

I started reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, but it read like a high school essay so I gave up on it pretty quickly. I will try another Murakami book someday, but after KotS I certainly don't understand why he's so popular.

Quarantine Suggestion (3):

Currently, I'm reading Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin. This is my first book by this author, and I'm loving it so far. Beautiful writing, meditative feel. I can't wait to see what happens.

The latter two books are from the library. I had borrowed them before the quarantine, and my local library is allowing patrons to keep their borrowed books until the quarantine is over.

Quarantine Suggestion (4):

Having read a lot of Murakami by now, I can tell you his writing style never changes. The plots and themes in his books are all very similar, but I think I remember KotS being one that didn't distinguish itself much. If you do try him again, you might try Norwegian Wood if you're into coming-of-age stories or IQ84 if you're into much longer, slightly more complex, and more fantastical stories wherein someone eats a "simple meal" every page or two.

Quarantine Suggestion (5):

I had Norwegian Wood and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle on my to-read list, because they had a different translator than KotS, and I was hoping that perhaps translation quality played a role. I have added IQ84 because fantastical is always good!

As for the writing style... I liked some of it, like the repetitions, which add an interesting effect. Also one of my favorite authors, Wolfgang Borchert, uses that same technique, so I didn't find it off-putting as many readers do. I just felt that the writing was uninspired otherwise, a lot of "she did this, and then she did that, and then she did that, and then she did that" when no information was gained from all that detail, and it wasn't beautifully written to be worth reading just for the language.


If you have both good or bad book suggestions for people to read, or not to read during quarantine time, please message me a review here via, and I will tip you and publish it on this platform. Thank you.

Until then, happy quarantining, and please do stay safe.