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Strange Driveway Hole Leads UK Man To Unimaginable Discovery

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If you are living in Luton England, and you hear strange voices from coming under your driveway, be cautious, because you may end up discovering a lost WWII relic like Simon Marks. Marks led a strictly blue-collar life in a middle-class Luton neighbourhood. Everything was just the mundane grind for him until one day when he made a strange discovery while taking his car out of the driveway.

One afternoon, when Simon was reversing his car off on the driveway, he encountered a bump. When he went to check what had caused the discomfort, he was exposed to a strange hole near his house. Simon moved some stones aside, only to discover that the hole was a part of something bigger, rather it was a gateway to some mysterious underground passage.

As he followed the lead, Simon was graced by a staircase that took him to a secret WWII-era air raid shelter.

Talking about his discovery, Simon says, “It was so well structured with the concrete roof and the walls, it was quite clear what it was going to be. We googled other air raid shelters and they were all of a similar structure, so it clicked quite quickly what it was.”

Simon’s discovery, however, isn’t unprecedented in today’s time. There are several underground shelters like this spread across all over England. Shelters were quite common during the Battle of Britain. They were constructed so residents had a safe abode in case their building got damaged by the Luftwaffe bombings.

Images: YouTube